Emma Rennie

Born 1964, Sydney

2017 – BFA (Sculpture)

Brought up in suburban Sydney as a social experiment by her politically conscious, teacher parents, Emma embraced life in inner-city Sydney during the 1980s and 90s while working as an interior designer refitting RSL and Leagues Clubs in Sydney and regional NSW.

“I recall standing at a bus stop in Bondi Junction in May, 2010 at around 7:45 in the morning, watching the torrents of people moving towards the train station and thinking about all the potential connections between those people who were occupying their own space, thinking their own thoughts, while making sure to respect each others personal space. It was the same the next day. This schedule lasted three weeks and I was relieved when it was over.”

Group Exhibitions

2017   NAS Graduate Exhibition

2017   “In 3-D” 3rd Year Sculpture, Stairwell Gallery, NAS

2017   NAS Drawing Week, Hoff Space, NAS

2016   NAS Drawing Week, Hoff Space, NAS