Artist Statement

Australian artist Emma Rennie’s works involve the study of patterns abstracted from the organic forms of nature and the cycles of everyday life. The neural structure of the brain, the ebb and flow of social media, what we do and don’t do, the connections constantly being made and broken, and the cumulative pulse of humanity as it responds to social concerns and geopolitical interests.

Using primarily latex and incorporating other materials Rennie explores and interprets those patterns both in freestanding sculpture and three dimensional wall and table pieces. Latex has been incorporated with timber, paper, coloured thread, plaster and plastic coated wire in varying combinations.

Latex gives a tactile skin to hard surfaces and the look and feel of durability to works made from fragile materials while retaining it’s own integral flexibility. The latex skin will darken and mask the other materials due to exposure to light, and eventually deteriorate, again revealing the material beneath.